Comfort technologies



AQUADRI™ features a composite material that wicks perspiration into its micropores and disperses heat for a drier, cooler and more comfortable fit.




ZONZ™ knitting comfort technology uses selected yarns and varying knit construction to optimise overall glove fit and enhance hand movement for higher dexterity and reduced fatigue.

Protection technologies



INTERCEPT Technology® blends engineered, synthetic and natural fibres into high-performance yarns that provide high cut protection in targeted areas of cut risk, along with great comfort and high dexterity




RIPEL™ technology is a repellent surface barrier that prevents oils, lubricants, chemicals or other liquids from making even incidental contact with the wearer’s skin.




TNT™ is a proprietary polymer formulation that provides superior splash resistance against a wide range of hazardous chemicals, for durable protection with a soft, comfortable feel.

Performance technologies

Ansell Grip


ANSELL GRIP™ is a coating treatment that minimises the force required to grip dry, oily and wet tools or materials, reducing hand and arm fatigue and improving dexterity, safety and productivity.




ERGOFORM™ is a technology that enables Ansell to design safety solutions that support musculoskeletal health during repetitive tasks to improve worker performance.




FORTIX™ technology enhances the coating performance by integrating a resilient polymer formulation throughout the glove coating and/or in targeted high wear areas to extend the working life of the glove while improving worker comfort.