Focus on safety

Increasing demands for compliance, consolidation and simplification are forcing companies to find new ways reduce ppe cost without sacrificing worker safety. 

Ansell Guardian® is our proprietary service that helps companies to select the right personal protective equipment solutions to improve their safety, productivity and cost performance. 

Since July 2014, we’ve helped companies:

  • Reduce injuries by an average of 65%
  • Reduce number of products styles by an average of 25%
  • Save a total of $148million, an average $65,000 per assessment.

(*Data based on Ansell Guardian global assessments since 2014)

No matter what business, industry or application, we can tailor and adapt solutions based on data-driven analytics. By focusing on the most relevant areas, Ansell Guardian® can deliver best practice recommendations with the most impact for our customers’ businesses. 



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