Comply with the new PPE Regulation

In February 2016, the European Council and European Parliament amended and approved a new PPE Regulation proposed by the European Commission. This new PPE Regulation will replace the original PPE Directive 89/686/EEC that was introduced in 1992. 

Having a good understanding of the new regulation helps ensure you are compliant.  Ansell’s updated guide includes the recent revisions to the updated EN Standards and explains what the codes and symbols mean. 

To assist you in selecting the right hand protection for the task, the guide also includes definitions, requirements, marking and information on:

  • General requirements
  • Mechanical Protection 
  • Chemical & Micro-organism Protection 
  • Thermal Protection 
  • Radioactive Contamination & Ionising Radiation Protection 
  • Electrostatic Protection
  • Electrical Insulation Protection
  • Welding Protection 
  • Other regulations 


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