31. May 2019
Liquids and chemical compounds commonly found in (or generated by) industries such as oil and gas production, mining, assembly, stamping, metal-working and manufacturing are known to be harmful to humans.
15. March 2019
Understanding the limitations of leather will lead to better decision making in hand protection selection. The following erroneous beliefs have given leather an undeserved reputation.
28. June 2018

In April 2016, when the European Parliament adopted the Regulation proposed by the EU Commission on Personal Protective Equipment, Ansell entered a new chapter in the maturation of the EU PPE indus

27. June 2018

The new EN ISO 374-1:2016 and EN ISO 374-5:2016 were published November 23, 2016. From this date, the new standards became official, replacing directives that were over 10 years old.

27. June 2018

The new EN388 reports 5 or 6 separate mechanical performance measures, including two complementary scores for cut performance and the first ever test method for back of hand impact resistance appli

12. June 2018

Changes to the conditions for the sale of personal protective equipment (PPE) in Europe are fast approaching.

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