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Redefine your COMFORT ZONE™: HyFlex® 9 Series

In the industrial workplace, comfort in protective gloves is not a luxury. It’s the basis for a safer and more satisfying day. Help your workers focus on the job and redefine what they should expect from their gloves.

Microflex® 93-850

Industrial workers come into contact with oils, cleaning agents, paints and chemicals every day. Compared to other leading brands, the new Microflex® 93-850 gloves offers 2X more chemical splash protection than leading standard SU nitrile brands against a wide range of chemicals.

AlphaTec® 58-735

Don’t choose between chemical or cut protection, have both!

Safety Briefing

08. February 2018

Industrial settings present a range of hazards that potentially threaten worker safety.

07. February 2018

Glove allergies are potentially life-threatening. Adverse reactions can range from itching to more serious responses such as anaphylaxis.


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