Stringknits™ 76-202

Light, stretchy gloves available in various materials and finishes


  • Can be worn on their own or as liners. Good value product protection.
  • No seams to rub or irritate. Permits a longer, more comfortable wear, with no weak points which might split or fray.
  • Stringknit construction allows good air flow to the hand. Hands don't become hot and sweaty.
  • Ambidextrous. No need to pair, therefore more economical.
  • All styles washable at 40°C. Will not shrink, stiffen or lose their shape. More hygienic for the wearer. Better value for the provider.
  • 76-202: nylon versions, softer, more comfortable, flexible and low lint.


  • Fit for special purpose

Primary Industries

  • Automotive
  • Building & Construction
  • Chemical
  • Glass
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Metal Fabrication

Ideal Applications

  • General handling
  • Delicate manipulation
  • Fine assembly of dry parts
  • Application of mastic, sealers in paintshops
  • Packaging

 DownloadablesConstructionGaugeLiner materialCoating materialCuff styleColourEN SizeLength mmPackaging
76-202certifcertifcertifTDSKnitted13NylonN/AKnitwristWhite6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11195 - 24512 pairs in a bag; 12 bags in a carton