Solvex® 37-675 37-676 37-695

High-comfort, chemical resistant glove for range of applications


  • Available in a wide selection of lengths, thicknesses, sizes and linings, the Ansell Sol-Vex® nitrile glove is designed to deliver optimal results in wet or dry work environments where chemical resistance is crucial. Fully reusable, with an unequaled abrasion resistance, it provides superb comfort for the wearer.

  • Sol-Vex® nitrile gloves are the ideal choice for safe handling in a wide range of work environments where harsh chemicals are present.

  • The cotton-flock liner to the glove, combined with the flexibility of the nitrile film, offer exceptional comfort for the wearer.
  • The reversed lozenge finish further enhances levels of grip.
  • The sandpatch finish gives the glove a smooth surface that decreases indirect costs thanks to fewer rejects of fragile parts.
  • The Sol-Vex® 37-695 glove has a longer length (38 cm) than standard, extending protection further to the wrist and lower forearm area.


  • Antistatic according to EN1149

Primary Industries

  • Agriculture & Viticulture
  • Automotive
  • Building & Construction
  • Chemical
  • Glass
  • Metal Fabrication

Ideal Applications

  • Chemical processing and preparation
  • Refining - Oil & Petrol
  • Metal fabrication
  • Agrochemicals
  • Printing industry
Permeation breakthrough times according to EN374-3:2003

 DownloadablesCoating materialLiner materialGrip designCuff styleColourAQL (EN374)EN SizeLength mmThickness mmPackaging
37-675certifcertifcertiffoodcertifirradTDSNitrileFlockedSand patchGauntletGreen0.656, 7, 8, 9, 10, 113300.3812 pairs in a bag; 12 bags in a carton
37-676certifcertifcertiffoodcertifirradTDSReversed lozenge7, 8, 9, 10, 11
37-695certifcertifcertiffoodcertifirradTDS3800.42512 pairs in a bag; 6 bags in a carton