SensiLite® 48-130 48-135

Electrostatic discharge protection


  • Sensilite® 48-130 and 48-135 meet most electrostatic discharge protection needs, providing a comfortable glove at a reasonable price
  • The 15-gauge nylon liner provides flexibility and dexterity, while the added carbon fibre offers an economical product-protection solution.
  • Comfort and good fit are assured through seamless construction and a wide range of sizes.
  • With the palm dipped in a polyurethane coating, Sensilite® 48-130 offers good mechanical resistance and durability.
  • The Sensilite® 48-135 is a fingertip-dipped version that allows better fit and flexibility.
  • The coated fingertip also prevents the transfer of perspiration to the electronic part
  • Sensilite® 48-130 EN 1149-1: Surface resistivity (Ω): 4.02 x 1010 EN 1149-2: Volume resistance (Ω): 2.19 x 107 EN 1149-3: Charge decay T50 <0.01 seconds
  • Sensilite® 48-135 EN 1149-1: Surface resistivity (Ω): 1.93 x 1010 EN 1149-2: Volume resistance (Ω): 4.79 x 107 EN 1149-3: Charge decay T50 <0.01 seconds
  • Warning: gloves that provide electro-static discharge protection do not insulate the hands against high-voltage electric current.
  • Do not use to handle live wires or for protection against electric current.

Primary Industries

  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Metal Fabrication

Ideal Applications

  • Final assembly of dashboard, cables and wires;
  • Final assembly of electronic components and mother boards

 DownloadablesConstructionGaugeLiner materialCoating materialFinishingCuff styleColourEN SizeLength mmPackaging
Carbon fiber
PolyurethanePalm coatedKnitwristWhite and grey6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11205-25512 pairs in a bag; 12 bags in a carton
Carbon fiber
Fingertip coated190-240