Extra protection for heavy duty applications.


  • 50% thicker than standard flocklined gloves.
  • Extremely high resistance to many ketones, salts, detergents, alcohols, alkalies and fats.
  • 100% natural rubber with no fillers. Excellent resistance to mechanical hazards plus increased chemical protection.
  • Chlorinated. For better grip and increased chemical resistance.
  • 100% cotton flocklining. Makes a heavy glove softer and more comfortable to wear. Helps absorb perspiration.

Primary Industries

  • Chemical
  • Maintenance

Ideal Applications

  • Heavy duty handling: where sensitivity is also required
  • Chemical processing and preparation
  • Maintenance of plant and heavy equipment
Permeation breakthrough times according to EN374-3:2003

 DownloadablesCoating materialLiner materialGrip designCuff styleColourAQL (EN374)EN SizeLength mmThickness mmPackaging
87-950certifcertifcertifirradTDSNatural rubber latexCotton flockingLozengeStraightBlack0.656.5 - 7, 7.5 - 8, 8.5 - 9, 9.5 - 10, 10.5 - 113200.75See below


1 pair in a bag; 12 pairs in a master bag; 12 master bags in a carton