• NitraSafe 1 28-329

    NitraSafe 1 28-329
  • NitraSafe 28-360

    NitraSafe 28-360

Kevlar®-reinforced hand protection with comfort and flexibility


  • Ansell’s NitraSafe® range of protective gloves combines the outstanding protection of Kevlar®-reinforced construction with the grip and flexibility of Ansell’s advanced nitrile coating technology. The NitraSafe® range stands for safe handling of oily heavy metal parts, while the NitraSafe® Foam combines good grip and comfort.
  • Both gloves, possibly in combination with the NitraGold™ cuff, offer outstanding mechanical protection against cuts and abrasion.


  • Antistatic according to EN1149

Primary Industries

  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Building & Construction
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Metal Fabrication

Ideal Applications

  • Steel bar manufacture and handling
  • Pre-fabricated materials use
  • Building materials handling
  • Timber works and construction
  • Press & stamping
  • Sheet metals and metalwork
  • Sub-assembly mounting

 DownloadablesConstructionLiner materialCoating materialFinishingCuff styleColourEN SizeLength mmPackaging
28-329certifcertifcertifTDSCut & sewnKevlar®
Cotton Jersey
NitrilePalm coatedNitragold™Black and yellow8, 9, 10235-28012 pairs in a bag; 6 bags in a carton
Cotton Jersey
Fully coatedBlack255-280
Cotton Jersey
Foam nitrileBrown