Crusader Flex®

  • Crusader Flex 42-474

    Crusader Flex 42-474
  • Crusader Flex 42-445

    Crusader Flex 42-445

Great protection and comfort in moderate heat


  • Designed for intermittent handling of hot objects up to 180°C.
  • Provides high resistance to cuts, minor injuries and abrasion.
  • Enhances grip on dry and oily surfaces.
  • Comfortable & flexible: sweat absorbent non-woven felt inner.


  • 42-445: Fit for special purpose
  • Designed for intermittent dry heat contact up to 180°C

Primary Industries

  • Automotive & Transportation
  • Glass
  • Metal Fabrication

Ideal Applications

  • Handling hot glass
  • Handling hot castings & wooden plates
  • Demoulding rubber tyres, belts and profiles, vulcanising, calendering...
  • Removing sterilised products from autoclaves

 DownloadablesConstructionLiner materialCoating materialColourEN SizeLength mmPackaging
42-445certifcertifcertifTDSCut & sewnPolyester
Non-woven polyester
NitrileGrey8, 9, 1024012 pairs in a bag; 6 bags in a carton
Non-woven polyester