ChemTek™ 38-612



  • The ChemTek™ range provides the best resistance to the most aggressive chemicals – without compromising dexterity or comfort.
  • ChemTek™ 38-612 offers protection against aliphatic, halogenated and aromatic hydrocarbons as well as concentrated mineral acids.
  • ChemTek™ gloves very flexible and provide excellent dexterity. Designed for comfort – with a natural, curved ergonomic shape and soft feel – they offer easy donning and good grip.

Primary Industries

  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Ideal Applications

  • Chemical plants and transportation
  • Chemical processing, oil refining and petrochemicals
  • Disaster response
  • Handling specialty chemicals
  • HazMat work
Permeation breakthrough times according to EN374-3:2003

 DownloadablesCoating materialGrip designCuff styleColourAQL (EN374)EN SizeLength mmThickness mmPackaging
38-612certifcertifcertifirradTDSViton / Butyl PolymerSmooth FinishBeadedBlack1.58, 9, 103050.3036 pairs in a carton; individually wrapped with insert

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