Alphatec® 55-303 55-306 55-308


  • Effective protection for heavy duty chemical environments, delivery exceptional resistance to most acids, alcohols, oils, lubricants and hydrocarbons
  • Excellent physical protection against abrasion and good protection against cuts and punctures
  • The heavyweight thickness increases durability, augmenting chemical and physical resistance
  • Resistant to Type I allergies

Primary Industries

  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Ideal Applications

  • Biotechnologies
  • Blending of liquids
  • Chemical & Medical research
  • Chemical handling
  • Chemical industry
  • Chemicals mixing/handling/transferring/pouring/blending
  • Lab work and analysis, especially when resistance to acids is required
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Product handling - chemical/biological
  • Product protection applications

 DownloadablesCoating materialGrip designCuff styleColourAQL (EN374)EN SizeLength mmThickness mmPackaging
55-303certifcertifcertifTDSNeopreneSmooth FinishGauntletBlack0.659, 10813 (Port Size 200mm)0.7610 pairs in black sealed bags per shipper carton
55-306certifcertifcertifTDS813 (Port size 250mm)
55-308certifcertifcertifTDS813 (Port size 300mm)